I’d like to share with you the GOLDEN RULE of marketing
for your chiropractic practice. Without this, you can proverbially
“throw in the towel” as it relates to developing a strong patient
attraction marketing plan. It’s about capturing and collecting
email addresses from your patients.

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so valuable as a retention tool as well:
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There are several effective ways to do this but first let
me say that the most important aspects of collecting
emails is “WHY” you are asking the patient for their email address.

Here’s the worst way to collect emails:

“Hey Mr. Patient, can I have your email address?”

This is basically like saying, hey, can i give your phone
number to my telemarketing company?

And of course, no sane person would want to do that.

When collecting emails, give your patient a “REASON” to
give you their email.

For instance it goes without saying that your should ask
for the patients email address on all your forms and sign in
sheets. But when the patient doesn’t put their email down,
simply give them a reason to give you their email by saying
something such as, “Would you like to receive our free monthly
newsletter? (With the Instant Chiropractic Marketing System, we
write and send a professional monthly newsletter and send it
to your patients for you! See it here:

When they say yes, without hesitation, say, “Great what’s your
email address?”

Another way is to ask the patient when they make their
appointment, “Would you mind if we contact you to confirm
this appointment?”

When they say, “Sure, no problem”, say, “Great, what’s your
email address?”

Collecting email addresses from patients is all about being

You can also make it mandatory. Simply put a required label
next to the email spot on all your forms.

If your patient tells you they don’t have an email, say,
“No problem, we can use your work email” or “No problem,
how about your husbands email?”

When collecting email…be assumptive, persistent and
insistent. Tell your patients that using email saves your
practice time, effort and money all which can be quickly
passed along to the them and for their benefit.

Again, the Instant Chiropractic Marketing System makes it so
easy to collect emails from patients. Not only to you get a
patient email acquisition letter but many additional tactics
that get emails but other that also allow your patients to go
right to your website to collect a benefit, and at the same time
leave their email.

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