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“Fishing” for new patients is one thing, but what about getting the same ole fish to come back on a regular basis?

Using the right bait, the right follow up and the correct enticements to get them into your practice is KEY, however, what about retention?

Repeat visits, raving fans and word of mouth all are spawned by keeping your patients ENGAGED with you on a regular basis. You can do this the easy, smart, affordable way or the hard, painful laborious way, which do you prefer? :-)

Here are 5 ways to keep new patients engaged so they come back more often, refer more friends and family and become your raving “word of mouth” marketing machines wherever they go:

1. Have a new patient stick campaign.

Make sure this educated, motivates and contact new patients on a regular basis for up to one year.

2. Have a month newsletter.

Deliver it once per month, have interesting articles, include links to special offers, reports, a referral system and free stuff. Make it fun and they’ll read it and pass it on.

3. Have a reactivation campaign.

It’s real simple…when someone stops coming in, contact them and make them a special offer to come back. Motivate them often and they will come back.

4. Write blog posts.

Your patients will look forward to this and spread them around the social networks. This means you need a Facebook and twitter page.

5. Have an appointment reminder.

Send an appointment reminder and you will increase your show rate by 20-50%.

6. Have a nice website that acts as a secret marketing ninja, grabbing emails, leads and making appointments with ease and without looking cheesy.

Doesn’t all this sound fun? Creating all these systems, managing them, writing content, building sites, programming it, etc?? I say that in jest of course. Who has time for all this? Not many doctors. That’s why we created an incredible set of “no work”, done-for-you retention systems and a powerful website package, included in the Instant Chiropractic Marketing System & Automated Practice Builder. See it all here:

As a member, you get it all and we show you exactly what to do to increase your profits simply by tweaking your practice retention model.

Don’t delay…you’re leaving tons of dough on the table each month without a solid retention system! Call me anytime with any questions.