As you may know, thousands may lose their Internet service today due to a malware virus that was spread onto a major service provider’s servers, from over a year ago. Initially the federal government purchased two servers to prevent instant shut down.

But now, after a year of warnings to those who were infected, those that didn’t take action and check if their site was infected are going to lose service. What does this have to do with building your practice? Hopefully your site is not infected. Secondly, the lesson here is that procrastination is a killer.

Like the thousands who didn’t take action to heal their servers, many doctors reading this are procrastinating with their websites. Some sites are (to put it bluntly) terrible in terms of marketing. Take a second and visit this website and see the dozens of website critiques I did on many practice websites that looked good on the outside, but were sick with marketing disease on the inside. See them here:

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