Did you know that people search over 1 billion times a month on search engines like Google.com to find what they need? What if you could get more of these people who are looking for your chiropractic services? This is online chiropractic marketing!

This is the power of the Internet! And more people than ever are going online to perform local searches for services like yours. Whether on a smart phone or a computer, people are typing into the search engines every day to solve their problems. And it’s growing more by the minute.

If I could highlight 5 simple steps you could take today to get new patients, these are the ones I would list for you:

1. Make your existing website search engine friendly

This is probably the most practical and easiest step to do with your existing website so that you can get more recognized by Google and other search engines right away.

If you already know the top keywords people are typing into Google, then you can put these keywords in a few key places on your website so that Google knows what exactly your website is about and who should be finding it.

For example, lets say a man in Dallas Texas is having lower back pain and is ready to find the nearest chiropractor to his Dallas home. So he ends up typing into google.com the keyword phrase “Chiropractor Dallas” or “Chiropractor in Dallas”, which by the way gets about 6,600 local searches per month! That’s why it’s so critical to know what people are searching for!

Based on this keyword knowledge, you can then put these keywords in the title of your website and in the meta description for your website. You will also want to put this keyword phrase and other keywords in various content on your website. Once the content is created, make sure that you bold the keyword that you’re trying to highlight on that page so that Google sees how important it is.

Next, make sure your website is easy for Google to find your content…

2. Add a Google Sitemap to your existing website

You will want to add a Google Sitemap to your website so that Google can find your content easily and quickly. Give Google what they want! An easy to crawl website is exactly what Google is looking for when their computers search the web. Now if you use a website builder like WordPress, then it’s really easy to add a Google Sitemap to your page. Once added, Google will have a much easier time deciphering what your website is about and why they should be putting your site on the first page of Google to be seen by future customers of yours.

Next, you should always try to regularly add more and more content…

3. Create new content that focuses on your main keyword phrases.

By Creating new content that uses these keywords, you are telling search engines like Google that they should be using your website instead of your competitors. Not only that, but you will be putting your website in the path of the people who are in greatest need for your services.

Now remember when writing this content, include the Keyword in the title of the article, the url link for the new article, and in each paragraph that you write. Oh and don’t forget to bold the keyword in the first paragraph of the article like we discussed in the first step. All of these things will scream to Google that you want them to find your content, and it will also sell the customer on what you are offering. If you haven’t guessed already, making customers happy also makes Google very happy because then the customer will keep coming back to Google for more information!

Next try to use powerful mediums like video that Google ranks well…

4. Make a short Web Video that uses one of your Keyword Phrase.

This is probably one of the fastest ways you can get ranked in Google, and customers can learn a lot about your business from a short video as well. By including the keyword phrase people are searching for in both the title of the video as well as in the description, you are letting Google know that they should be ranking your video. We’ve seen many videos of ours shoot up to the first page of Google when doing this!

Finally, get featured at the top of the search engines by doing this…

5. Create a Local Business Listing for each Search Engine

We are all familiar with the yellow pages in book form, but the internet way of showing off your business is an online local business listing. The major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – each have local business directories that will display your business name, mailing address, website, phone and more. By creating or claiming your business on each of these directories, you are making it much easier for your business to be found at the top of the search engines and all over the web by people that are looking for your services.

So there you have it, 5 simple steps you can take action on right away to start getting more patients from the search engines. There are many more we haven’t even discussed yet that will also add to your exposure across the web.

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Article by Kenneth Fleck, SEO Strategist, GetNewPatients.com