Last Thursday and Friday I did several video critiques of Chiropractic Website Design. You cansee them here.

I believe if you make the changes to your website that I am suggesting in this emailand in the critiques,  you will double the amount of patients you are currentlygetting from your website.

I believe the website (as it relates to practice building) is one of the mostmisunderstood areas of Chiro marketing. It’s also one of the biggest mistakes thatChiropractors make regarding their marketing.

It seems as though when some Chiropractors venture out to develop their website, theyare tainted by marketing traditions that carry over from the popular world of “brand”marketing which in my opinion, doesn’t work well and is way too costly for localChiropractors trying to get new patients.

Typically, brand marketing tactics and cliches such as these are the filters in which Chiropractors use (and many website companies) when developing their sites:

1. “Get your name out there…make sure it sticks in the customers mind…”(their site is then too “me or us” focused.)

2. “Give them lots of information, educate them, and then they’ll be more apt to make a smart decision…plus they’ll come back to your site more often for information.”(their site is loaded with too much information that “eases the prospects conscience” and causes them to “think” and procrastinate.)

3. “Catch their eye with a nice logo and imagery…then they’ll be drawn to come back to your website.”(this is appeals to our pride. of course we want a nice site, but not so over-emphasized that it squashes the marketing savvy of the site.)

4. “Have a good slogan”(something that sets you apart is good, but without a corresponding call to actionit’s worthless.)

5. “Give them lots of choices when they come to your site”(see “information” comment above.)

Many Chiropractors think the above points are too important. I can go on and on but you get the idea…the concepts above have an element of truth in them when it comes to your Chiropractic website however, when they are “overemphasized” it destroys the marketing savvy of your website. Your website won’t build your practice via “brand” marketing but it will with “action” marketing.

As I’ve said, I’ve done some video web critiques, check them out here to see what I mean about “action” marketing.

If you want to get new patients from your Chiropractic website, you must first understand these 3 critical truths about your website’s mission:

1. You’re not trying to get patients to join your website.

2. You’re not “treating” them at your website.

3. You don’t get paid when they go to your website.

(Sorry to yell with the caps. :-)

What does this mean?

Stop keeping patients at your website and instead, USE your website to get them into your practice as fast as possible! As you’ll see in the video critiques, this isn’t happening too much.

Rather, many Chiropractor websites seemed geared to do everything to keep the web visitor at their website as if this built their practice.

Instead, it should appeal directly to their reason for visiting, get them to ACT (ie, capture their contact information), and then ultimately let them know that they must stop procrastinating and come into your office for treatment. Over-stocked, information packed websites that reveal everything to the visitor make procrastinating prospects and patients “think” rather than “act”. Give them information but only AFTER you’ve capture their information. Now you can begin the process of practice building.

Unless of course, you are selling a membership site, products, etc…then yes, have them stay at your site all day. Inform them. Make them think. Entertain them and “wow” them at your site. But if you are trying to get new patients, you MUST begin to rethink your website. It must become a “MARKETING SAVVY WEBSITE” that gets prospects to “act”.

Then, when all the search engine traffic, social media traffic, referral traffic, yellow page traffic, newspaper ad traffic, email marketing traffic, existing patient traffic visits your website, you will begin to see more and more appointments being made and your website/internet plan will begin to build your practice.

This is precisely what we do and have done for the past 10 years.

You can see our packages here.

We not only give you an amazing looking, full blown, content driven Chiro website, but we build-in dozens of marketing systems into your website. We then drive traffic, patients, etc, to your site, that gets them to act, giving you a fine tuned automated practice building system that “USES” the Internet in the proper way to build your practice rather then give you just a fancy website that sits in the desert blowing in the wind.

Again, if you’re fed up with trying to make your marketing work, check out these plans.

Again, as I said, make the changes to your website that I am suggesting and you will double the amount of patients you are currently getting from your website.

Be glad to help in any way or answer any of your questions.