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Introducing The Amazing New Chiropractic Marketing System That Gets You an Additional 5-21 New Patients Every Month. It Builds Your Practice, Gets Patients from your Website, Retains Patients, Protects Your Online Reputation & Requires No Work At All! Plus, It Eliminates Everything You Hate About Building Your Practice…”

“Hi Pat, A little testimonial for you…the systems I’ve created for the last two offices have worked awesome. One clinic generated 325K in business in one year, from the system I put in place for them. Pat’s system was instrumental in this for us.” Dr. Brian Beckner

Chiropractor, Fountain Valley, CA

“I was so excited this morning when I awoke to find yet another New Patient sitting in my Outlook Inbox! Plus, I’m saving a whole lotta $$! This is ingenious…I am so excited about this, I am encouraging every D.C. I know who wants to increase his or her practice, to get this Marketing system!” Dr. Cary Rothenberg

Chiropractor, Rothenberg Chiropracic


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